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5 Communication Habits That Limit Brands —And How to Fix Them!

Illustration of poor brand communication

Good communication is good business. In an increasingly digital world, it's more important than ever to reassess your communication habits and let go of outdated practices that no longer benefit your brand. 

Here are the communication habits to abandon, supported by valuable insights to elevate your digital marketing and brand development.

Habit 1: Overlooking the Power of Personalization

Data analytics and AI offer valuable insights into customers' behavior and preferences. In this era, using generic messaging is a wasted opportunity. Brands have to understand their customers’ needs and offer them personalized solutions. Data-driven insights are crucial to creating these targeted communication strategies.

ONWRD’s Advice: Segment your audience based on their interaction history, demographics, and online behavior. Tailor your messaging and content for each segment using platforms that offer personalization features to ensure relevance and engagement.

Habit 2: Ignoring the Efficiency of Digital Tools

Digital transformation has introduced various tools, such as automated email marketing platforms and CRM systems, which can increase the reach of your campaigns and the ability to track their performance. 

ONWRD’s Advice: Integrate digital solutions into your marketing strategies to expand communication channels beyond traditional communication channels and manual processes and enhance efficiency and impact.

Habit 3: Underestimating The Importance Of Design 

It is crucial to have compelling design and visuals to capture your audience's attention. Brands that don’t prioritize high-quality and consistent visual branding risk being overshadowed by competitors who understand the importance of having visually appealing content.

ONWRD’s Advice: Develop strong visual branding to engage your audience and effectively convey your brand’s story across all digital platforms.

Habit 4: Sticking to Reactive Communication

Brands that only react to market trends instead of predicting them will always be one step behind. This reactive approach can lead to missed opportunities and a requirement for more innovative communication strategies. To stay ahead of the curve, it's essential to proactively engage with emerging trends, technologies, and consumer behaviors.

ONWRD’s Advice: Leveraging insights into digital trends and consumer analytics empowers brands to adopt a forward-thinking approach. Keep your brand up-to-date with current trends and predict future shifts in the market with the help of communication strategy experts.

Habit 5: Creating A Different Brand Experience Across Channels

In the age of omnichannel marketing, consumers expect a seamless and integrated brand experience across all platforms, from social media to email communication and websites. Inconsistent branding and disjointed messaging can confuse your audience and dilute your brand impact.

ONWRD’s Advice: Tactful digital marketing and website development can unify your brand message message across all channels. Align with your brand's core values to craft an integrated communication strategy that strengthens your digital presence and supports your business goals.

Changing Your Brand Communication Habits for Growth

 Updating your communication strategy can help your organization stay competitive. This means replacing old habits and embracing personalization, digital tools, and compelling design. It's not just about adopting new technologies but also about rethinking how the company connects with its audience on a fundamental level.

ONWRD can help you transform your communication strategies. Our comprehensive range of services, including communications, content development, digital marketing, and digital solutions, is designed to enhance your brand's digital presence and drive growth. Contact us today.  


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