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Young Bahamian Presents Insights On Digital Transformation In The Healthcare Sector.

Phylicia E. Babb

Phylicia Babb, project coordinator and communication strategist at ONWRD Advisors Ltd., a digital solutions, communications and design company in Nassau, was a participant in the recent University of The Bahamas North Third Biennial Sustainable Grand Bahama Conference. The Sustainable Grand Bahama conference brings together international and local experts, public, private and civic leaders to discuss issues related to the sustainable development of Grand Bahama. The focus of the conference was to explore diversification and adaptation as mechanisms to secure a sustainable economic future for present and future generations under the theme ‘Diversifying and Expanding our Economy’.

Ms Babb is a qualified project manager with a specialization in digital transformation, and holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Project Management and Consulting from ESCP Business School in Madrid, Spain. She was the youngest member of an all-female panel, addressing the topic of public sector support for technological innovation. Babb conducted a study on the Bahamian healthcare system and discussed findings about the value of digitalization in the healthcare sector. Her presentation identified four major resolutions provided by incorporating digital tools: increased interconnectivity, increased effective communication, maximization of capacity, and improved primary healthcare and management through the use of data. She also explained that management support and continued maintenance constitute two essential drivers of social value generation from digitalization and its long-term sustainability.

“As a young Bahamian, I am proud to see UB-North engaging stakeholders and creating a space for public and private sectors to collaborate and share innovative ways to proactively advance the country,” said Ms Babb. “At the center of this advancement is digital transformation, which has the potential to position The Bahamas in industries beyond tourism, provide new investment opportunities, develop a sustainable economy and realize a positive social impact.”



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