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Top 5 Marketing and Digital Trends in 2022

Aurich Lawson, 2021

Communication with Purpose The social movement that happened in the U.S. in 2020 drove big brands to pivot towards communicating with purpose. Consumers became more vocal with what they believe and, in 2022, will still want to engage with brands that are authentic about communicating and living their core values. Brands that win this year will understand their audience, and develop a strategy that helps them to communicate with purpose.

Artificial Intelligence The pandemic put a spotlight on AI as a way to operate businesses with less human interaction. What’s trending now is that businesses are thinking about how AI can be used to complement rather than completely replace humans in the workplace, especially as we think about jobs of the future that will rely more on human interaction and critical thinking such as those in the care economy or content production. AI will speed up the path to automation for jobs with repetitive tasks like data entry keyers.

The Metaverse Did you know that Nike acquired a digital sneaker brand, teamed up with a crypto artist and sold 600 pairs of shoes for $3.1 million dollars in under seven minutes. Where? In the metaverse. At the end of 2021, your timeline was probably inundated with the term “metaverse”. The metaverse is still not clearly defined, but it is a digital trend we should all be keeping an eye on.

Creativity We always believed that creativity was an important part of business. And the facts show that this trend is here to stay. According to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs 2020 report, creativity, originality and initiative will be some of the top 15 job skills for 2025. These characteristics are also in high demand within organizations. Creativity will become even more important as we work our way to economic growth in a competitive environment.

Digital Marketing When businesses were forced to close their doors in 2020, big brands cut their media budgets for television and print but increased it for digital. And in 2021, digital marketing budgets increased even more while print budgets continued to fall. Companies will be looking for more agility in advertising and more cost effective ways to reach their audience.

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