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Want to Connect with Hearts and Minds? Use Storytelling.

ONWRD brand connecting hearts and minds through storytelling

The power of storytelling in branding cannot be overstated.

Stories have a way of captivating an audience and creating a connection between the storyteller and listener. This is especially true when it comes to establishing a brand – good storytelling can build trust, create loyalty, and establish an emotional connection with customers that will last for years.

Good stories are relatable and provide insight into who you are as a company or individual. They allow your customers to understand why they should care about your product or service, what makes you stand out from the competition, and how their lives could be improved by working with you. Furthermore, good stories help people remember your brand: if someone has heard an interesting story about your business before engaging with it, they are more likely to remember you in comparison to a generic advertisement.

Storytelling also has the potential to shape public opinion and encourage people to act. No matter how big or small your brand is, customers may be influenced by the stories you tell and take action based on those tales. By creating a narrative that resonates with their values and beliefs, you can encourage people to buy from you or support your cause.

Storytelling also helps you to humanize your brand and make it stand out from the competition. While facts and figures might be persuasive for some people, storytelling provides an emotional connection that no other medium can achieve. Good stories are memorable — even if customers forget about the details of what you do or what you sell, they will likely remember the story that you told.

Telling The Right Story For Your Brand

Know Your Audience

As a brand, it is essential to know who your target audience is and what they are looking for when engaging with your story. You should take into account the demographic of your intended audience, as well as their interests and values to ensure that you craft a story that resonates with them.

Use Emotion

A powerful brand story will evoke emotion in its readers or viewers. People have an emotional connection to stories, so be sure to use this to your advantage when creating content and developing a narrative around your brand’s message.

Keep It Simple

When telling a story, it is important to keep it simple and focus on the core message that you want to convey. Keep your story concise and to the point, and make sure that you don’t include any unnecessary details that could distract from your message.

Create a Visual

A great way to make sure that your story sticks with your audience is by creating a visual representation of it. Using graphics, pictures, videos or other visuals will help to ensure that your story leaves an impact and resonates with its viewers.

Incorporate Your Brand

Don’t forget to incorporate elements of your brand into the story you tell, as this helps establish a connection between the company and its customers. By connecting these two aspects together, it also reinforces the identity of the brand in people’s minds which can be beneficial for long-term success.

By taking these things into consideration, you can tell a compelling story as a brand that resonates with your intended audience and helps establish your identity in their minds. Doing so can lead to increased engagement and loyalty from customers which will no doubt help your business in the long run.

Making Complex Facts Relatable and Relevant

A few years ago, our managing director, Royann Dean, led a very talented, multidisciplinary, creative team consisting of a producer, an illustrator and voiceover talent to simplify dense facts into a relatable narrative with important broad-reaching, national impact.

The Secretariat from the Office of the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas needed to share complex information from a State of The Nation report. The report is part of Vision 2040 Bahamas — the National Development Plan (NDP) for the country. The NDP is a non-partisan strategy to guide the development of The Bahamas over the next 20 years around four pillars — human capital, the natural and built environment, the economy, and governance.

The findings in the report were complex, sobering and, at times, hard to digest. The challenge was conveying this information in a way that would easily connect to a mass audience, include a call to action, and change paradigms about societal norms.

What was needed was an understanding of the primary audience and the purpose of the deliverable in order to create the right product and get the desired outcome. The solution was storytelling with a whiteboard video. Whiteboard videos are a great way to make complex information easy to understand. The story was based around a teenage hero character that was relatable to a broad cross-section of the audience. Complex issues were introduced in an authentic voice from the hero’s perspective. This was especially important to build trust with younger audiences.

Adding Meaning, Driving Change

Stories are powerful tools. They give meaning without defining, allowing the viewer to make sense of things in the most meaningful way. In this case, using a narrative allowed viewers to understand how things that they may not ever have thought about — cultural values, climate change, increasing national debt and weak governance — greatly affect their daily lives.

The video was well received at the launch ceremony for the National Development Plan. And the government’s hope was that everyone who watches it, from school children watching TV with their families to the delegates at international conferences, would feel the change that this powerful story could bring.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that brands can use to succeed and remain competitive in today’s market. When employed effectively, it can help create a lasting bond between customers and business owners, which can foster loyalty and ensure long-term success. It allows companies to stand out from their competitors by creating meaningful connections with people on a deeper level than with traditional marketing methods. And the power of good storytelling should not be underestimated — it is one of the most effective ways to establish your brand and make sure your message stands out from the crowd.


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