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Digital Transformation

ONWRD’s digital transformation consulting services leverage a variety of digital technologies to help SMEs and other organizations navigate business challenges. Your digital transformation journey begins with knowing when to modernize outdated legacy systems, how to improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiency while adding value to product and service offerings.  

Our experienced analysts and UX experts will guide you through the technical and functional feasibility of the digital transformation consulting process, helping you understand what you need and where to begin. As a digital technology company, we offer a large range of digital transformation solutions and services.


Create value and retain more clients by understanding what they need and what they expect from your business. Our optimized User Experience (UX)/ User Interface (UI) design can provide your clients with a personalized online experience that improves the digital customer experience and builds loyalty.  

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Automate outdated manual processes that are time-consuming and costly with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA uses computerized scripts to carry out manual tasks that are usually done by employees, increasing their ability to focus on higher value tasks and creating a more agile work environment. 


How could RPA impact your business?

For example, a risk management reporting system for a financial institution includes managing time consuming tasks such as email systems, external websites and broker statements. An RPA can automate 90 percent of these processes, saving the institution considerable time and money as well as boosting productivity and efficiency without the need to completely restructure underlying systems. 

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